Minutes – AGM 15th June 2020

Minutes of the Lake Hayes Estate Shotover Country Community Association AGM

Held Monday 15th June 2020 at Shotover Primary School 7.00pm

Welcome by Chairman Clark Pirie

Present: Clark Pirie (Chair), Anna Cameron (Finance), Maree Wheeler (Minutes), Valerie Millar (QLDC Councillor), , Anita Golden, Jenny Carter,  Melissa Read, Clare Beames, Bev Howarth, Bruce Patton, Luana Frear, George Carver, Kay Edwards, Jim Huffstutler, Gavin Flynn, Ella O’Reilly, Adrian Hoddinott, Luke Shervey, Rachel Burt, Michelle Clark, Samantha Marsh, Camille Khouri, Celine Austin, Fiona Peat, Kate Smith

 Apologies:, Debbie Townsend, Rob Burnell

Minutes of the LHECA AGM 29th April  2019– Moved Clark/Anna Cameron

Chairs Report –Clark Pirie  Moved Jenny Carter/Mel Read

Financial Report – Anna Cameron  – Funds at 31st December 2019   

Total income $5371.72 

Total Funds $11202.84

31st May cut off date for next round of funding from QLDC unable to apply until previous rounds are spent. Currently allocated to mini ramp project. 

Anna to discuss with Jan Maxwell re holding over $5k for next year.

Moved Clark/Anita

Covid -19 Recovery Plan  –  

QLDC – Welfare Centre, Covid – 19 Plan for our community. 

  • Mortgages – support for people, support community maybe banks could come and talk to the community, potentially larger than other areas
  • Mental Health, Family Violence – Free consultation and Counselling available
  • Event Centre could be made available for those people who don’t have jobs – FOC – mental Health
  • 516 Ladies Mile could be aCommunity Hub to support  mental health and wellbeing of residents in the community.  Southern Cross hospital consented by NZTA – why can’t 516 be made available for local community – many would walk or bike to access it.
  • Is Red Barn an option also – not being used by developer currently.
  • Young people – teenagers, mental health, need to remember about them too (8-12 target age group) Where can they congregate safely. Sense of well being impacted.
  • Sharing Shed – people drop off donations and if you need something you pick it up. (516 Ladies Mile)
  • Community Events – low cost
  • Making sure contracts are awarded locally or sharing the load so that everyone gets a piece of the pie

ACTION: Anita to draft a response to send to QLDC. Val to follow up on Red Barn and 516 Ladies MIle 

Ministry Of Social Development 

  • Continue to lobby this with Hamish Walker 
  • This also impacts on home help and other financial support from agencies

ACTION -Anita to send correspondence to Val to give to Jim to pass on to parliament representatives 

LHE/SC/Bridesdale Reserve Management Plan

Drop on sessions – LHE at Hayes, initial feedback, draft then further consultation. Drop in sessions and Let’s Talk consultation webpage https://letstalk.qldc.govt.nz/draft-rmp-lhescb

Shotover Delta Bike Trails-  Bungy leading a group of displaced employees to work on putting in a trail.  MOU that CA will be responsible for the maintenance  and upkeep of the area in the future. A strong MTN bike club and community. Fraser Gordon designing the trail. Funding in place and work to start straight away.  Widgeon Place – hope the workers can then move to Widgeon 

Wilding Pines and Pest Control – Jenny to link  Fiona Peat with Matt from AJ Bungy.

Nomination of Committee Members

Anita Golden (Chair) Clark/Maree

Maree Wheeler (Secretary)         Clark/Anna 

Anna Cameron (Treasurer) Mel/Jenny

Clark Pirie Maree/Luana

Jenny Carter Clark/Mel

Bruce Patton Maree/Luana

Debbie Townsend Anna/Maree

Melissa Read Maree/Anna

Bev Howarth Maree/Anna

Clare Beames Clark/Maree

Gavin Flynn Clark/Anna

George Carver Maree/Jenny

Ella OReilly Maree/Anita

Camille Khouri Anna/Luana

Celine Austin Maree/Jenny

Kate Smith Maree/Luana

General Business:

  • Bus Stop – ORC following a meeting at Nerin Sq,  compromise Nerin Sq changes to hail n ride and stop with terminus would move to Onslow Rd. Stephen Patience  (ORC) asked that CA writes a letter outlining response from the community. QLDC has said that Onslow Rd is a road reserve therefore terminus is able to be moved there if this decision is to be made. More buses on direct route into town. Michelle raised Hope Ave and Sylvan suburban bus stopping outside residential property.  A design of bus stop would still like to be seen – consultation to still be undertaken once design is drawn.  

ACTION: Anita to write letter, outlining that no direct consultation with neighbours who may be effected by changes have been consulted.  Also raise buses stopping outside Hope Ave 

  • Matariki – Debs community event
  • Community Gardens – Camille making a plan with a keen group of people. Dr Compost involved. APL license to occupy – document needed.                                                             ACTION: Camille to contact Queenstown Community Gardens,  Clark to support as well Community Garden FB page! 
  • Skate Ramp – with support of Samantha Marsh (QLDC) site secured next to Richmond Park – 10×10 area next to pump track.  Letter out for community consultation to immediate neighbours.  Formal quotes needed, estimate of $35k but hopefully that is high. 2 week build. Early spring to build. Formal charitable trust would need to be formed to gain funding from CLT, will look to other sources first.  Some sort of agreement wih QLDC re vesting process so community doesn’t take on assets that cost at later date, renewal programme with QLDC. 
  • Website/FB – Keep pushing business directory 
  • Cricket Nets – still need to be vested to QLDC
  • Wood burning fire, QLDC no longer part of covenants. Number of fires increasing, can CA raise this issue again, is there support to raise this as a community? Building and Planning. Another option is rally neighbours and take action together as group  ACTION: Val to talk to QLDC and ORC (Alexa) re pollution levels 
  • Committee Roles – organised roles set a first meeting of next committee 

Next meeting:  Monday  27th July 7pm, Shotover Primary School Library

Meeting Closed:  8.45pm