Minutes – 9th September, 2019

Minutes of Lake Hayes Estate Community Association 

Meeting held Monday 9th September at 7.00pm, Shotover Primary

Present: Clark Pirie (Chair), Maree Wheeler, Melissa Read, Val Miller,  Anna Cameron, John Glover, Bruce Patton

Apologies:  Anita Golden, Luana Frear, 


Welcome to all, 

Minutes from Previous meeting  22nd July 2019
Moved:  Clark that the minutes are taken as a true & correct record
Seconded:  Maree

Matters Arising – Clark gave an overview of minutes of last meeting 
Council management has agreed Widgeon Place will be promoted as a community reserve and a reserve management plan for Widgeon Place and all of the LHE/Shotover Reserves will be started on as soon as we can. QLDC hiring a new planner which will allow us to get into this sort of work. 
We’re aware of motorbike issues there at the moment and will need to try and come up with a solution for this in the meantime. 
Frankton Master Plan circulated and  submitted – Thanks Gavin Flynn  
QLDC Perimeter Parking plan here, work expected to be completed Nov 2019 

Cricket Nets – Awaiting response from QCC  to when they are able to re fix netting to outside frame. Plan an opening when work completed
Website – good to  to go live – all community members can add to website 
Climate Action Plan – Abi Brooks?  Let QLDC know that we would like to be involved
Lake Hayes  – happy to be guided by consultants 

Inward Correspondence
Correspondence with Jeannie Galavazzi re Parks & Reserves here
Email advising of CCTV now being installed at McBride Park – Marie Day here
Email from Aimee Cornforth resident re an intruder at night here
Cath Gilmore – QAC, Clark replied that CA 

Outward Correspondence
Emails to:

Financial Report
Bank account balance as of 31st August 2019 is $10,710.25. This includes interest of $2.51AC
General Business 
John Glover – QLDC candidate  – challenge the answers you get from QLDC 
Police – find out who our new Community Constable is
George Carver – update of mini ramp Christmas Family/Social day 

Things to share on FB
updated Website when it goes live

Meeting Closed 8.20 pm
Next Meeting:  Monday 21st October  2019