Minutes – 31st August 2020

Minutes of Lake Hayes Estate Community Association 

Meeting held Monday 31st August  2020 at 7.00pm, Shotover Primary

Present: Anita Golden (Chair), Maree Wheeler, Melissa Read, Kate Smith, Debz Townsend, Bruce Patton, Gavin Flynn,, Bev Howth, Bill Nichol, Ella O’Reilly, George Carver, Camille Khouri, Celine Austin, Jon Mitchell (Labour MP candidate), Matthew Hawke, Liz Simpson(QLDC) Simon Hardy (Studio Pacific), Christine Edgley (Brown and Company), Fiona Peat, Whetu Cormick

Apologies:  Clark Pirie (attending Arrowtown Mtg behalf  Assn), Jenny Carter, Luana Frear & Clare Beames

Welcome to all, 
Minutes from Previous meeting  27th July 2020
Moved:  Kate that the minutes are taken as a true & correct record
Seconded:  Bill Nicholl 

Matters Arising – Anita gave an overview of minutes of last meeting Anita talked to Vision 2020 from last meeting 

Treasurer – Melissa Read has offered to take up role of treasurer
MOTION: That Melissa Read be appointed treasurer of the LHESCCA effective from Monday 31st August 2020. Moved Maree, Seconded Kate, All agreed.
MOTION: Remove other signatories Judith Ralston, Anna Cameron and Barbara Smith from official bank account. Moved Celine, Seconded Ella,  All agreed
MOTION:  Add Melissa Read, Anita Golden, Bruce Patton as three current signatories.Moved Maree Wheeler,Seconded Debz Townsend.  All agreed.

Ladies Mile Consortium – representatives Liz Simpson (QLDC), Simon Hardy  (Studio Pacific Architecture, Wellington)  Stuart Dun (Brown and Company Landscape Architect). Three companies charged with developing Ladies Mile Masterplan.What makes a community?  – placemaking, craft a masterplan that is fitting for the community. The idea is to complement what is happening on this side of the highway, includes 516 and Laurel Hills.  LHE, SC, QCC are considered areas of influence, plan to make it more integrated such as community centres, sports fields etc. In consultation with about 15 landowners.Rationale behind a masterplan is to put pressure on ORC/NZTA  to look at infrastructure. Model is to shift thinking to get people on buses. 

Process – information gathering stage, MOE, NZTA, public drop in sessions Mid Nov,preferred draft masterplan Feb 2021. Final draft April 202120/21st September mtg with CA – Anita to gather info from community. SOF report Travel/Park n Ride.Important to urge our community to have their say. Suggested LMC contact SPS as a stakeholder and use  other local schools/school newsletter as a conduit to seek and share info. Ask children/youth voice. QLDC/Master plan viewing LHE/SC OPen a doc for everyone to add thoughts in  -Ella could put  a form on the website with links to docs. 

Park n Ride Feedback Poll on park n ride on FB to get wider community feedback What are the benefits/purpose? Gavin to request business study. 
Covid Recovery Collaboration Group

Projects on the GO 
Mini Ramp – George Carver affected persons approval form, apply to QLDC formal approval, contract from builder, fundraisinggenerating publicity 
Community Gardens – Camille Khouri 14 people turned up to meeting, lots of ideas,  food cupboards, beehive. May need fencing.  With APL at present. Shared not allotment
Community Centre – Anita Golden, Maree Wheeler Draft proposal circulated for feedback from committee members. Anita  continues to workin on this. LMC is a  long term plan we would like to see something in the shorter term to meet current needs now. Matthew Hawke talked about community driven well -being & mental health initiative consolidating the information out there, online space, services available.  Vision is a community driven drop in space. Community Group page  has a mentors support option. Gavin to talk to APL, Need to gather community support. 
Cricket Nets 
Widgeon Place Bike Track – Debs Townsend
Emergency Response  – Bill Nicholl 
Social/Promotional Event – Debz Townsend, Maree Wheeler 
Nice Neighbours  – monthly, Maree Wheeler 
QLDC Covid Recovery – Collaboration Group – Anita Golden
MSD Accommodation supplement – Bill talked to Minister, complex Nationwide, will require a legislative change 
Newsletter – Camille Khouri 

Committee Roles  – As above plus membership, business directory, submissions… 
QLDC Recreational Places Feedback  here
Election Candidates – Jon Mitchell, Labour Candidate

Inward Correspondence
Wakatipu Park n Ride feedback here
QLDC Covid Recovery here
Aurora Energy Investment Plan here
Meet the Candidates Grey Power invite here

Outward Correspondence
Draft Community Centre Proposal here

Financial Report
Bank account balance as of  30 June 2020 is $11266.50.       
General Business 

Things to share on FBPromote, Promote Promote CA Poll on Park n Ride Miniramp  – fundraising once approved Nice Neighbours monthly 
Meeting Closed 8.45pmLast Monday of the Month for remainder 2020Next Meeting:  28th September27th October (Tuesday) 30th November