Minutes – 27th May, 2019

Minutes of Lake Hayes Estate & Shotover Country  Community Association 

Meeting held Monday 27th May  2019 at 7.00pm, Shotover Primary

Present: Clark Pirie (Chair),  Jenny Carter , Maree Wheeler, Melissa Read, Dean Dolan, Anita Golden, Kay Edwards, Jim Huffstutler, Bev Howarth, Claire Beames, Ella O’Reilly, Nick Hyne, George Carver, Camille Khouri, Bruce Patton, Marie Day

Apologies:  Luana Frear


Welcome to all, 

Minutes from Previous meeting – 11th January 2019

Moved:  Clark
Seconded: Maree 
Matters Arising – Clark gave an overview of minutes of last meeting 
Laurel Hill  – not recommended by Council to go to Ministry for approval
Widgeon PIace – Jenny Galavazzi, Briana Pringle  and Ian Bayliss to attend next meeting to discuss ideas for both Widgeon and 516 Ladies Mile. Mini Skate Ramp could be included in this conversation. We will get in touch prior to let them know our thinking.  Advertise this prior.
ACTION:  Jenny to Invite Briana and Jenny, Ian Bayliss to meeting


David Mayhew -Chair KPCA  and Flight Plan 2050 (note that both are separate roles)Airport demand driven , expected that Statement of Intent June 2019) will intend to expand existing terminal to 3.2 million capacity which will breach current noise boundaries, need to decide as a CA our position on extension of noise boundaries likely to be June 2020Expected process of eevents – Statement of Intent from Airport, Airport Plan, followed by extension of noise boundaries
Flight Plan 2050 – discussion around the thinking behind this campaign 
ACTION: Clark to meet with Airport Corp, Colin Keele on June 7th 2019
Mini Skate Ramp – George Carver, discussion with SC Developers, QLDC, survey on FB page. Geared toward beginner skateboarders. Still trying to locate and get approval for the right spot. Would like support from the CA. Est $35K. Discussed that CA support in principle and would likely support financially once site secured and full proposal of costs tabled.
MOTION: that the CA approve support the project  – all agreed 
ACTION: George to continue working on securing site
ACTION: Anna to confirm with Jan Maxwell QLDC re annual 5k grant that 2018 and 2019 funds will likely go toward supporting mini skate ramp

Support for SPS – FOS requested letter of support for funding AV equipment in hall -Further information required around what Wetlands Project is actually asking for
Further information around toilets at lower Shotover field.
MOTION: The CA will write a support letter for FOS  – all agreed
ACTION: Maree to do this 

Managing Website and FB Would like to make this website more user friendly, more information on it, FB updated regularly in order to entice more residents to use and support CA. Able to use $1k of QLDC funds to run a website upgrade project.
ACTION: Maree to look further into this
Funding Clinic 20th August and follow up workshop 
ACTION: Anna & George to attend this

Community Gardens Camille Khouri – talk to Emma W or Jill at SPS, also talk to Jeannie through Parks, this is also part of SoF
ACTION: Maree to put Camille in touch with Emma or JIll
Shaping Our Future
Progressing SoF plan with QLDC ORC, Anita in touch with Ella Lawton, potentially get someone from ORC to next meeting
Direct bus still only discussion 

Communication with QLDCJ
im more than happy to talk to us – talk to him as a committee then report back. CA as a conduit to QLDC for the community. 
Monthly Report on projects from QLDC – published on website. CA to think about how these reports could be more user friendly.
ACTION: to set up a meeting with Jim with three members to attend. 







Inward Correspondence

Outward Correspondence

Financial Report

Bank account balance as of 30th April 2019 is $5984.45   AC 
General Business 

Things to share on FB

Meeting Closed 8.40pm
Next Meeting:  Monday 9th September 7pm 2019