Minutes – 24th February 2020

Minutes of Lake Hayes Estate Community Association 

Meeting held Monday 24th February 2010 at 7.00pm, Shotover Primary

Present: Anita Golden (acting Chair), Maree Wheeler, Melissa Read, Anna Cameron, Debz Townsend, Luana Frear, Bruce Patton, Mathias Mautone, Camille Khouri, Gavin Flynn, Jillian and Neil Boniface

Apologies:  Clark Pirie (Chair), Ella O’Reilly, Clare Beames, Bev Howth, Jenny Carter


Welcome to all, Anita acting chair in Clark’s absence

Minutes from Previous meeting  21st October 2019
Moved:  Anita that the minutes are taken as a true & correct record
Seconded:  Maree

Matters Arising – Anita gave an overview of minutes of last meeting 
Website – Anita to follow up with Ella
Camille to follow up, QLDC keen to support
QLDC wastewater application turned down



Future Airport Development – Martin Jenkins lead, only 5 attendees. 4 scenarios shared – 3 involved expansion. A further scenario of regional spread was suggested by the attendees. Information being gathered for QLDC. CA need’s to be aware that SC and QCC are unable to have a voice due to covenants. Anita to follow up. Survey on Let’s Talk – need to push this out to the community to have their say.

Nerin Square Bus Stop – Matias Mautone lives next to bus stop at Hayes and wants the bus stop moved as it is impacting on his family’s well being. He has been in talks with Stephen Patience (ORC) who agrees the current bus stop is close (3m) to Mathias house. Stephen is asking whether the wider community would support moving the bus stop?   3 possible options, Onslow Rd, Rere Rd and Nerin Sq, Tony Pickard says squareabout is not a “normal reserve” so could be difficult to change. Onslow Rd is nearly 30m from a house. Anita to talk to Gems. Debbie to create a poll asking if community supports the move of the bus stop to a nearby location. Maree to talk to Hayes.   Bruce also has concerns when driving the school bus re two buses parking and has a concept idea for Nerin Sq that could be a longer term plan- more a community hub as in line with SoF plan. CA would like to see costings and more detail of the three options in order to show support. 

QLDC Quartly Catch Up – Debz & Clarke will attend

Marketing CA – structure the roles further, plan an event, engage SC more, use school newsletter (Anita, Maree, Mel)
Website link to demo site

Public Notification of  Proposed District Plan here 

Miniramp- Gavin, decision pending on temp or permanent (same cost). Next stage is to see it on a concept plan. 516 is preferred option but QLDC seem happy with Richmond Park at this stage.

516 Ladies Mile – carpark almost open, can be used for kiteflying, dog walking – check with Bri

NZTA – CA would like to see traffic management plan leading up to the roundabout




Inward Correspondence
Future Airport Development  here & invitation to Focus Group here
Fiona Peat – roading/parking  concern letter here

Outward Correspondence

Financial Report
Bank account balance as of 31st Jan 2020 is $11,202.84. 2019 – Ten paid membersAC
General Business 
Small planes appear to now have a flight path over LHE. QAC complaint on website – note time and type of plane. 
AGM date and advertising QLDC – Liasion Person, Samantha Marsh (Maree to get in touch) 

Community Police Officer (Anna to get in touch)

Things to share on FB
Community survey re moving Nerin Sq bus stopWebsite once it goes live

Meeting Closed 8.25pm

Next Meeting: Monday 6th April 2020

AGM date TBC