Minutes – 22nd July, 2019

Minutes of Lake Hayes Estate Community Association 

Meeting held Monday 22nd July at 7.00pm, Shotover Primary

Present: Clark Pirie (Chair),  Ian Bayliss (QLDC) Jeannie Galavazzi (QLDC) Briana Pringle (QLDC)  Jenny Carter, Maree Wheeler, Melissa Read, Anita Golden, Bev Howarth, Ella O’Reilly, George Carver, Bruce Patton, Roya Yavari, Simon Battrick, Vicky Wood, James Dunan-Hale, Debbie Townsend, Joe Bagrie, Kristan Stalker, Adrian Hoddinott, Luana Frear

Apologies:  Val Miller, Anna Cameron, Ian Scott, Clare Beames, 


Welcome to all, 

Minutes from Previous meeting  27th May 2019
Moved:  Clark that the minutes are taken as a true & correct record
Seconded:  Maree

Matters Arising – Clark gave an overview of minutes of last meeting 
Colin Keel QAC-
Clark to follow up Mini Skate Park – work in progress, still trying to find best spot
Website & Facebook – Ella O’Reilly currently working on this
Communication with QLDC –  meeting with Mayor, thanks to QLDC staff for attending this evening
Shared Gardens, Camille Khouri – meeting with Queenstown Harvest Community Gardens and Emma Watts (SPS) to discuss first steps.


QLDC – Gavin Flynn Frankton Master Plan Gavin will draft a submission on behalf of LHESCCA
Potentially things missing:Younger or older persons area – water play
Cultural facilities – limited discussion on this – art, natural amphitheatre
Civic spaces – meeting space for low key events
Frankton Campground – is this the best use of space
Affordable housing – where is it? 
Lake Johnston – how to enhance this access?
Pensioner Housing –
Established business district – changing to residential? QLDC is required to provide industrial land to provide for the future – figures show shortfall of business land in the medium term (SB)Once issue of this proposal limits industrial land – a challenge  (Ian Bayliss)Function of Cromwell  – are large yards needed in Qtown? , look at freight network  (SB)
Hard to look at plan in isolation for residents of LHE/SC (JC)QLDC working on district wide spatial plan – early next year (SB)
Hospital is this a good location? (MR) Emergency Services relocated to current Frankton Golf Course Golf Course – Frankton meets different needs of golfers as it is 9 holes affordable and development level.  Location analysis for golf in the area being undertaken. (SB)
Please support need for relocation of similar golf course in the submission
Events Centre – Community Hub, Community Heart for Frankton, arts/cultureVoice of Youth – important 
ACTION: Gavin to prepare draft submission to be circulated for comment before submission close on Friday 26th July
Ladies Mile Update  – Ian Bayliss
Council led masterplan exercise  aim is to capture a set of aspirations for the area rather than developer ledMaster planned approach that involves community, property, infrastructuredensity done well, community services for the areaMOE – school proposal – primary, high school longer term, private school Howards Drive roundabout – could this still be funded with slower devpt? No time frame on this yet. QLDC still trying to access HIF fund for roundabout at Howards Drive
Time Frame
Pressure to develop LM in 3-10 years Plan change 2nd half of next year – approx 18mths until plan change implemented but depending upon submissions etc. 
Discussion Bridge can continue to work if we change ridership, public transport to work with development.Has there been consideration given to Private Hospital? Medical specialisation? (LF)Stalker road – serious accident concern (JB)
516 Ladies Mile – Briana Pringle
QLDC has now taken over and looking at long term options in conjunction with Ladies Mile and District Plan
Short Term 
House to be upgraded so it can used as community rooms in the new yearPractice sports fields, Park n ride
Community groups are approaching council and using info from Facilities analysis challenge with fundinglooking at access  – probably Howards Drive – Shotover across 
Widgeon Place – Jeannie Glavazi
Due to 516 Ladies Mile – suggest that this area remains a large informal space for community use not regional use Passive recreationPlan for all reserves in LHE/SC in processKeen to explore low cost quick wins

ACTION: Jeannie will prepare reserve management plan which will go out for formal consultation 




Inward Correspondence
Maddy Dowman QLDC Perimetre Parking plan here
Frankton Community Masterplan here
Wastewater plan here
David Jerram – interest in Ladies Mile Development here

Outward Correspondence
Emails to:
Submission wastewater proposal here 

Financial Report
Bank account balance as of 28th June 2019 is $10,707.74. This includes lastest QLDC grant of $5000 and one membership $10 for the month of June. AC
General Business 

Things to share on FB
Frankton Master Plan submissions due 

Meeting Closed 8.45pm
Next Meeting:  Monday 9th September 2019