Minutes – 12th October 2020

Minutes of Lake Hayes Estate Community Association 

Meeting held Monday 12th October2020 at 7.00pm, Shotover Primary

Present: Anita Golden (Chair), Maree Wheeler, Melissa Read, Debz Townsend, Gavin Flynn, Bev Howth, Ella O’Reilly, Camille Khouri, Celine Austin,  Clark Pirie, Jenny Carter, Luana Frear, Clark Pirie

Apologies:  Kate Smith, Bruce Patton, Bill Nicholl,  Whetu Cormac, & Clare Beames

Welcome to all, Conflicts of Interest  – Jenny declared conflict of interest in regards to her employment with QCL/QCC
Minutes from Previous meeting  31st August 2020
Moved:  Mel Read that the minutes are taken as a true & correct record
Seconded:  Debz Townsend

Matters Arising – Anita gave an overview of minutes of last meeting Vision 2020  – what we want to do and how  and who  will do it
Treasurer – still need to sort bank details, Anita and Mel
 Park n Ride Feedback – submission submitted 


LHE Footpath Audit – RFS submitted 
Community Facilities Purpose is to create a business study – temporary structure (simple cost effective short term solution that could be repurposed)  preferably at 516 Ladies Mile in order to connect the LHE and SC, safely accessible by all.Survey for 10 Yr Plan. Push vocally now for an interim measure. Where now? Do we need to go in with a proposal? Or do we need to put it back on QLDC? Post – social media/ Table & Survey at Halloween/ School assembly/ Contact Simon Battrick/Bri Pringle /Marie Day/ Megan Miller for data. Quality of Life survey push this out, look out past information.  Media- positive
Banners – Ella has designed, quotes from Brandland and Sign iT Signs but decided to go with online option at 
Motion: That we purchase two two sided banners with stands at a cost of $410
Moved: Maree Wheeler    Seconded: Anita Golden 

Projects on the GO 
Mini Ramp – Gavin Flynn. APL to be approved, need to raise funds. 
Community Gardens – Camille Khouri OK from transpower, water access
Widgeon Place Bike Track – Thanks to  Debs Townsend/Jenny Carter and workforce alliance – now open! 
Poll  resulted in it being named  “Sweet n Curvy”  for Under 10s. Plan to keep moving fwd with Skills Park.  Signage to come. 
Emergency Response  – Bill Nicholl 
Social/Promotional Event – Debz Townsend, Maree Wheeler  
Nice Neighbours  – monthly,  Maree Wheeler 

Newsletter – Camille Khouri, 1500 delivered before 31st October. Jason Drewett Harcourts agreed to print. 

LMC heads on public consultation and add daffodils. 

Nerin Square Daffodil Project – 80 000 daffodil bulbs, QLDC approved. Mitre 10 will get bulbs. Planting in March. Could set up through Give a Little.

RFS – street planting Howards Drive and Sylvan  
Halloween – Gymnastics Club – acrobat display?  Jack o Lantern competition. CA table to promote events and membership Motion: that we hire candy floss machine at $60 which goes to victim support
Moved: Maree WheelerSeconded: Anita Golden

Christmas Fete – ideas to Debz, book a date. 

LMC – 21st October 7pm need to push the consultation days 12th and 14th November 2020 far and wide. Draft a letter to say that we are getting feedback from the community that they are not being consulted early enough in the process. Check with school re space for consultation

Inward Correspondence
Arthurs Point Crossing preferred option here
Letter from Sue Patterson re footpath audit here
Ian Scott re Laurel Hills and LMC  here

Outward Correspondence
Draft Community Centre Proposal here

Financial Report
Bank account balance as of  30 September 2020 is $11351.89.       

General Business Don’t forget to use RFS if any issues  – lightening changed to halogen

Things to share on FB
Push Out the Community Facilties survey
Newsletter Promote, Promote Promote 
LMC Consultation 
Miniramp  – fundraising once approved 
Nice Neighbours monthly 

Meeting Closed 8.46pm

Last Monday of the Month for remainder 2020

Next Meeting: 9th November 2020