Minutes – 11th January 2019

Minutes of Lake Hayes Estate & Shotover Country  Community Association 

Meeting held Monday 11th January  2019 at 7.00pm, Shotover Primary

Present: Clark Pirie (Chair),  Jenny Carter , Maree Wheeler, Melissa Read, Luana Frear, Debbie Townsend, Jodie and Jason Climo, Dean Dolan, Ian Scott, Kate Smith, Jude Gardner, Bev Howarth, Kay Edwards, Jim Huffstutter, Ella O’Reilly, Jackie Rule, Nick Hyne, Matt Barnett

Apologies:  Anna Cameron, Clare Howarth, Bruce Patton, Anita Golden


Welcome to all, 

Minutes from Previous meeting – 10th December 2018

Moved:  LuanaSeconded: Maree 
Matters Arising – Clark gave an overview of minutes of last meeting 

Laurel Hill –  Should the CA lodge a submission?  YESImpacts & thoughts include:School growthTraffic congestion SHA – only 12% at Bridesdale  first home buyers – not a good example of how a SHA is meant to work?NO parking on verges – if rentals more cars on streetSuggest conditions regarding – density, parking,  height 4m, no Air BnBConsider more impacts on infrastructure in the wider  community – hospital, airport 
ACTION: Jenny and Clark to talk to Tony Hill, Jenny to draft a submission to be circulated for comment. Circulate bullet points and encourage people to submit individually.  
Widgeon Place – Bike TrackTom Hey and Willie (WTT) on board, both prefer crown land for the topography that lends to mountain bike track. Jenny has been liaising with QLDC and Wakatipu Trails Trust. QCC had offered fill. Estimated cost is $20k. Would like to start with bike track before looking at BMX track but enough fill for both.Jenny talking to DOC about using crown land.Jenny has approached Jeannie Galavazzi re the concept plan, but hadn’t heard back today.  CA would like to keep this moving so QLDC have a clear picture of how the community would like to use this land. Refer to Community comments on 10 yr Plan Community engagement Sept/Oct 2017Debbie’s poll indicated community use gardens and community facilities. 

Cricket Nets  – opening 28th March 2019 – need to publicise as community event
Vandalism – in the community, river, cricket nets, tagging. Clark has contacted Abby Pagel, community constable , is waiting to hear back from her
Airport Noise  – Clark raised noise complaint from resident with CEO. There is a Community Liaison group  – Jane Taylor chair, Colin Keel – waiting for meeting time.
ORC – thought it was a bus meeting but more an opening of the ORC offices. New liaison officer Stephen Patience – email if you have concerns. stephen.patience@orc.govt.nzAsked about direct service  – short answer is no change to service in the near future. Water issues – water quality at Lake Hayes stephen.woodhead@orc.govt.nz
AGM – Contact Ministers – need to hear from on the ground residents, Clark to talk to Chamber, local MP? 29th April 7pm Shotover Primary Contact Ministers – need to hear from on the ground residents, Clark to talk to Chamber, local MP?


Inward Correspondence Clarks email correspondence with Rebecca Machej (resident) and Colin Keel (QAC)Wakatipu Active Transport Network email hereShotover Restaurant Proposal comment request from Mountain Scene here

Outward Correspondence
Clark responded to media on SC development 

Financial Report

Bank account balance as of 31st January 2019 is $6177.51.  This is with the Fulton Hogan and Alpine Machining & Engineering cheques both cleared.Check with Anna re 2019 $5k? AC emailed
General Business 

Herries Lane – was previously road reserve, QCC asked to have it but have now given in back to QLDC Police – visual presence would be good in the community, ring police they have proved to respond promptly, Consider cameras again.Speed Limits/Humps – Dean to look into speed signs. 
Field at SC –  when it will be open/parking? 
Mini Ramp – Nick Hyne working on this – location trying at Richmond Park or McBride Park another option, $10- 12K. Put in contact with Jo Dobb, support from the members at meeting
Things to share on FBAGM  – April 2019Cricket Opening NIght – 28th March 2019
Meeting Closed 8.25pmNext Meeting:  Monday 29th April 7pm 2019