Membership & Donation Options

No-one has ever become poor by giving.

We appreciate the financial support that helps us provide projects and improvements for our community.

We have membership options for residents and businesses. Memberships and sponsorships are valid for 12 months from the 1st September annually.


  • An annual fee that is registered when you sign up and pay
  • We will keep all Members updated reguarly by email on events, meetings and more.


  • Annual fee paid when you sign up
  • We will thank your business on our website, Facebook and newsletters.
  • Your residence also becomes members

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by direct deposit?

Yes, of course! Pay your membership fee to: 02-0948-0244384-00The Lake Hayes Estate Community AssociationPlease add your name and/or address to payment reference, and email us with your contact details.

How long is my membership valid?

Memberships and sponsorships are valid for 12 months.