Below are just some of the projects and events that we have been involved in.

Lilliput Library


The books are free for anyone to take away. You don’t have to become a member of Lilliput Libraries, you don’t need to return the books. But we encourage you to take a book now, return or donate one later. If you’re walking by and see a book that interests you, take it home. Next time you’re passing you may want to return it or pop another book in the Lilliput Library.

Widgeon Place


Volunteers helped to plant 200 natives at the bottom of Wigeon Place, Lake Hayes Estate. A very special thanks goes out to the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust.

Riding at the Pump Track


The pump track was officially opened on  8th December 2014, and is a draw for all ages and abilities

Party in the Park


Raising money for the bike track at McBride park, the “Party in the Park” was a huge success.