Minutes – 27th July 2020

Minutes of Lake Hayes Estate Community Association 

Meeting held Monday 27th July 2020 at 7.00pm, Shotover Primary

Present: Anita Golden (Chair), Maree Wheeler, Melissa Read, Kate Smith, Debz Townsend, Bruce Patton, Gavin Flynn, Clare Beames, Bev Howth, Bill Nichol, Ella O’Reilly, George Carver

Apologies:  Clark Pirie, Jenny Carter, Camille Khouri, Celine Austin, Luana Frear

Welcome to all, 
Minutes from Previous meeting  24th February 2020Moved:  Bruce that the minutes are taken as a true & correct recordSeconded:  Melissa

Matters Arising – Anita gave an overview of minutes of last meeting Anna has resigned as treasurer, calling for any interest. Quarterly Catch Up – see where this is at? 

Vision 1.  What do we want to achieve over the next year / 3 years? 2.  What are the challenges/opportunities we face?  3. What can we do to achieve our goals?   Vision 2020 and On

Electoral Candidates – next meeting, all candidates welcome, focus on getting an attending to gain an understanding of our community. Invited to speak briefly.

Accommodation Supplement – still pushing, Bill Nichol from ER also pushing from that angle.

Projects on the GO – outline for next meeting, estimated time to completion and costs, advertise this as a focus for next meeting. Mini Ramp – QLDC yes in principle based on feedback. Next Steps, formal planning approval, fundraising, probably use builder that is building Wanaka Skate Park. Approx $35k. George to start publicity, involve CA in this – from CA FB page. Shotover Delta Bike Trails – “opening” 516 Ladies Mile – met with Thunes, Briana and Jeannie. Pitched that right now would be for this local community to open a ‘casual space’ – have a place to connect, invite organisations such Happiness House, MSD, Library space, sharing shed. Community Gardens – working a plan to put fwd for consent. Put this in through Torokiki platform Cricket Nets – still need fixedWidgeon Place – QLDC agreed to single track loop with CA responsible for maintenance – stage 1. Stage 2 – skills park. 

Define roles –  empower people to become more involved – also linked to projects above

Torokiki Torokiki – Let’s grow ideas – Queenstown Lakes District Council online portal , ideas system, three big ideas – good option for Camille to apply through this link – may be funding available.

Inward Correspondence
Wellness & Resilience Presentation – Gemma Smith

Outward Correspondence
Covid Recovery Feedback here
RMP Feedback here
Bus stop letter here

Financial Report
Bank account balance as of 30 June 2020 is $11266.50. 
 This statement has a deposit of $60.00 which was from memberships collected at the AGM. 
General Business 

Emergency Management 3 EM officers employed – community resilience, community response groups, need to get right framework. Alpine Fault 8 – network often presents in QL area. Covid Recovery – economic and social community recovery –  Bill pulling together this program with Marie Day. Bill to keep us updated at meetings. Red Cross now looking after foreign nationals. MSD NZ nationals. MSD – accommodation supplement – EM also pushing this issue. Emergency Management may be a good way to engage the community – look to this in the near future. EM could be one of the defined roles to be discussed next meeting, Kate also interested in this. 

Ladies Mile Masterplan – decision to bring this forward and fund consultants

Things to share on FB. Promote, Promote Promote CA 

Meeting Closed 8.45pm
Last Monday of the Month for remainder 2020
Next Meetings:  31st August
28th September
27th October (Tuesday) 
30th November